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On Being Invisible...

On Being Invisible... I posted a Short yesterday about joining the Cara app and then suddenly feeling "invisible" again. I did this because... as artists... we bare our soul to the world every time we make art and put it out there for all to see. It's an incredibly brave thing we do and it leaves us feeling REALLY vulnerable and alone if no one sees it. I know I have over 3 million subscribers across my socials and I have been blessed with more praise and love than anyone deserves. And I am eternally thankful for it (though I still don't believe I'm worthy of it). BUT.... all it takes is for a new app like Cara to come out and suddenly... I'm that invisible, shy, and insecure kid from high school all over again. And... I wanted to share that vulnerable feeling because I know that we ALL have that. We all feel invisible sometimes. Making art is a very brave thing we do. And even someone with millions of followers and 5 decades of experience feels that insecurity. That anxiety. You are not alone. I'm there with you. Let's be brave together.

Big Hugs from the Hobbit Hole. ♥♥♥


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