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frequently Asked Questions

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in Scott and his work. Due to the overwhelming number of questions he receives, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Click the underlined text to go to a video about each topic. 

What art supplies does Scott use?

All of the art supplies that Scott uses are listed here. In addition, Scott has tested a large number of art supplies lately. That list and video reviews of each product are listed here

Where did Scott get the art bag that he carries?

That is a vintage Swiss Medic Bag. Scott bought it several years ago on eBay. 

What is the fine liner pen that Scott uses on his paintings? 

That is a Zebra Brush pen. They are available on Blick, as well as Scott uses all of the 4 sizes, but most frequently uses the Extra Fine size (the blue one.)

Does Scott teach any art classes, in-person or online? 
No, Scott doesn't consider himself a teacher and does not offer lessons or critiques. He does, however, have an extensive list of helpful art tutorials on his Art Hacks playlist on YouTube. 

How did Scott find his art style?

This is Scott’s ‘Mosaic’ video about finding his Art style.

How long has Scott being doing art?

Scott has been drawing since he was a young child. His mom was a fashion illustrator and encouraged his love of art. 

Has Scott ever worked in Comics?

Yes, the 1967 animated Spider-Man cartoon greatly inspired Scott to be an artist and to work in comics. Eventually, Scott was an official Spider-Man comic book artist. 

Has Scott ever made a web comic? 

Yes, this is Scott's Web Comic, The Dreamland Chronicles

Does Scott do commissions? 

Scott has done commissions in the past, but is not taking them at the moment. If he is able to resume commissions, they will be listed in the Shop, with limited availability. 





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